Stork Sports is here to make you win and improve your profits. We believe that the best way to do this is to combine what you’re already tracking about football with our unique methodology of predicting results using statistics.

We tend to place football bets by utilizing our own knowledge and some statistics that we find on the internet. But is all of this a reliable font of information? Does it make you profit consistently over time? Well, that’s where we come in.

We’ve created highly sophisticated statistical models that transform years of data and research into one simple number: the probability (%) of a teams win.

>> Check out how we do it! <<

Our mission is to give you the best statistical predictions that will help you improve your profits. Using our models, analysis and staying true to our method by betting in our picks over time you will have a consistent profit from football bets.

More than 30 football leagues all around the world are covered by Stork Sports. From the fierce competition of the Brasileirão to the elite of the English Leagues. From the rising Chinese Super League to the passionate and cold Icelandic Urvalsdeild. No matter where you decide to place your money, remember: Our biggest bet is in your win.

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