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General Questions

As of February, Stork Sports cover 68 leagues. Our FREE Plan gives you coverage for nine of them, while as a PRO Member you have access to all of them. Keep in mind that we are always working on more coverage for you!
Americas: Brazil (Serie A, Serie B) and USA’s MLS.
Asia: Japan’s J-League and China’s Super League.
International: UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League and CONMEBOL Libertadores.
Europe: England (Premier League, Championship League, League One, League Two), Italy (Serie A, Serie B), France (Ligue 1, Ligue 2), Spain (La Liga, La Liga 2), Germany (Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2), Croatia’s First Football League, Iceland’s Urvalsdeild, Ireland’s Premier Division, Scotland’s Premiership, Austria’s Bundesliga, Belgium’s First Division, Netherland’s Eredivisie, Turkey’s Süper Lig, Russia’s Premier League, Portugal’s Primeira Liga, Switzerland’s Super League, Greece’s Superleague, Ukraine’s Premier League, Czech Republic’s First League, Poland’s Ekstraklasa, Norway’s Eliteserien, Denmark’s Superliga and Sweden’s Allsvenskan.
Also, we’re not counting Countries International Tournaments that we usually cover: FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Eurocup, CONMEBOL Copa America and International Friendlies.

Stork Sports is an online product that gives you the best football predictions and betting tips in the market. We use highly sophisticated statistical models and specialists to estimate matches probabilities for over 65 leagues. For each game, you get the chance (%) for each team playing.

We do not claim to have fixed or 100% guaranteed bets! In fact, we believe most people that try to sell you things like sure matches are scams and you should be very careful! With every bet there is a risk of winning and losing, the key to success is to understand the risk.

Stork Sports knows that are many betting sites on the internet and you may fear not receiving the expected return from our service. Thinking about it we have here all our results!

No. You cannot place bets in Stork Sports, we only analyze matches and give information on teams chances.

As soon as you sign up you get access to information that will change the way you bet on football: predictions and tips on bets that will surely increase your profit over time – all of them based on our original statistical models.

We do not work with free trial time at Stork Sports.

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Stork Predictions

We use data from over 100,000 matches in the last 15 years. With this data our AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms predict the probability of each result. Understand more about how we do it.

The probabilities can be updated daily at any time before the matches. If any relevant information changes, the probabilities are updated. Members of the PRO Plan are notified every time the probabilities are updated.

The Stork Predictions are the probabilities for each match. We estimate the chances of winning for the home team, the away team and of a draw, all based on our unique statistical models – you can check out our results for the 2017/18 Season here.

No. All the probabilities are estimated BEFORE the match starts. There is no information on the live matches being used in the probabilities.

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Stork Tips

These are the matches we recommend bets. From all the matches that we make predictions we only recommend betting on some, and you will find them at the Stork Tips.

In simple terms, we recommend a bet when we expect to make money out of it! It is important to note that we have a LONG TERM strategy, this means that we will win and lose games but over time we have a very profitable service.

Also, we recommend betting single bets in each game. Do not combine the tips in multiple bets by yourself. We manage the risk so we will win more games than we lose, but eventually, we might lose some games. 

The odds on the tips are the odds that we recommend the bet, and they are available on the time we post the tips. Between our post and the match start the odds may change (once they come from betting websites), so we recommend placing the bets as soon as we post the tips.

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You can send an email to It is necessary to give the following information:
– Email used in subscription
– Reason for canceling
– Paypal account information
We only offer the money back via PayPal so it is very important to provide us with your PayPal account information.
Other than that there are no restrictions or conditions.

You can cancel your subscription at any time on your profile page.

Also, you can request to cancel your subscription by sending an email to with the subject “cancellation”. We will cancel your subscription in 24 hours.

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